Kate Beckinsale does yet another outstanding performance in one of my favorite series of movies Underworld. The film begins with Selene (Beckinsale) cryogenicaly frozen in a new age where humans are the reigning race and have vampires and lycans living as scavengers. Selene escapes from this factory that is holding her and begins having visions  that she believes are conected to Michael her lover. She soon discovers that the visions are that of a small girl, her daughter, Eve. They are taken to the vampire coven by David, a fellow vampire. There they are attacked by lycans and the vampire numbers are greatly reduced. T


he lycans have developed a super serum using Eve’s hybrid blood. Selene and Eve embark on a battle together to survive the lycans, find Michael, and restore the vampire race to it’s rightful place in the world. It was an awesome film. Well thought out and executed. Excellent action scenes and a great edition to the series. The film ends with Selene vowing to find Michael and restore vampire rule. I can not wait to go see the new Underworld and what new awesome plot it will have.